Lemons and Cancer

Lemons are an important part of the diet as they contain high levels of antioxidants, as well as flavanoids. The particular types of flavanoids that are found in lemons, flavonol glycosides have been studied and proven effective in reducing the cell division that occurs in cancerous cells. Stopping the cell division in cancer cells can be an effective way to reduce the fatality of the disease and can also be a way to allow treatments for cancer to become more effective.

Aside from the flavanoids, there are compounds within the lemon and lime juices, as well as other citruses referred to limonens which have the ability to reduce the risks associated with developing certain types of cancers.

Lemon is consistently listed on the top ten lists of foods that one should consume to live a healthy lifestyle and decrease the chances of developing cancer. More and more people have chosen to include lemons in the diet for all of these positive effects.

Aside from Cancer, there are many other diseases and conditions that tribes, villages and communities within the world have used lemon and lime to treat. For example, in the past, through outbreaks of Cholera, there have been many instances of lemons and limes being used in meals to reduce the risks of an individual suffering from the bacterial infection.

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