Including Lemons in Your Diet

The benefits of lemons are extensive and therefore one should ensure to include lemons in the diet – through a variety of methods, including in the beverages, as well as foods that are consumed and even through the natural products that are used within the body. Through the benefits that have been outlined, it can be simple to rely on the powerful properties in lemons, rather than rely on medication that can come with multiple adverse side effects to the body.
  • Chinese medicine recommends that every single day should be started with a glass of water, with lemon to revitalize the body and mind, helping the body to recover from the dehydration that occurs through the night. The lemon helps to protect the body from toxins that an individual may come into contact with through the day – and should be included in all of the water through the day. Chinese medicine also recommends that water should be room temperature when drinking, rather than cold, as this can lead to additional digestive issues with the body trying to digest the cold water.
  • As well as the water, getting the most benefits from lemons will also come from those that are at room temperature. Using a traditional juicer, rather than an electric juicer can reduce the exposure the lemons have to elements, before they are ingested. To get as much juice from the lemon as possible, simply roll the lemon before juicing, as this can help to prepare the lemon, releasing the juice from the interior portions of the lemon.
  • When creating hot water that can be combined with the lemon juice, always use a kettle and avoid microwaving the water once the lemon has been added. The lemon juice can be changed from the methods that are used to heat in the microwave and can change the properties of the lemon. It is important to avoid microwaving, as microwaving reduces and even destroys the nutrients that are present in the foot that you are heating. As well, the microwave can change the lemon, as well as changing the lemon juice on a cellular level in a negative way – this should be avoided at all costs.
  • When choosing lemons, it is important to choose lemons that are bright yellow in color. When choosing any fruits and vegetables, choosing those that are brighter and more vibrant in color signify the goodness within the fruit and the nutrient rich properties that can be found in the fruit.
  • Don’t forget about the rind, the rind is an effective way to add flavor into any dish, as well as adding nutrients. The rind can be grated with a fine grater and therefore can be used to create additions to any diet that can be included in tea, as well as in desserts, salads and even main dishes.
Learning about the properties in lemons can be an effective way to utilize the natural powers that are found within the lemons to benefit the body in the best way possible. Lemons can have a positive effect on the diet nearly two weeks after including the juice of the lemons, the fruit of the lemons, or even lemon extract into the diet.

Use these methods to increase the intake of lemon in your body and reduce free radicals, improve the appearance of your skin and even learn the methods and natural treatments that can be resolved using lemons.

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