Lemon Uses and Remedies

There have been many proven remedies that can help to soothe a variety of ailments, everything from headaches to ridding the skin of acne. Here are some of the remedies and uses for lemon and lemon juice:

Digestive Issues
One of the most popular uses of lemon is to ease digestive issue when combined with hot water. When lemon is combined with hot water, it can be used to easy a tummy ache, soothe indigestion and even relieve constipation. The water and the lemon work together to ease the digestive process and allow the body to naturally become free of the toxins or blockages within the body that can lead to discomfort through the natural process of digestion. It allows the discomfort due to these digestive ailments to be reduced, as it can encourage the liver to produce additional bile, which can be used to digest hard-to-digest foods.

To create the lemon remedy that can be used to ease digestive issues, one can simply mix one quarter cup of lemon juice with one to two cuts of steeping hot water. Drink this while hot and do not allow the drink to cool to feel the full effects of the remedy.

In the past, lemon has been used a powerful antioxidant within the body, but as well as through the skin. As the ingredients in lemons are effective ways to reduce the toxins within the skin which can lead to clearer appearing skin.

Although the lemon is not often applied to the skin, ingesting the lemon will absorb the vitamin C and antioxidant properties into the body, deep within all cells, into the inner layers of the skin. These antioxidant properties have the ability to clarify and remove the toxins within the skin that can lead to the pores becoming clogged. Once the lemon has been ingested into the body and the pores have been opened and decreased in size, the skin can appear immediately clearer after only a week of using lemon based cleansers.

Colds and Sore Throats
Lemon combined with water can also be used to ease a sore throat and many other symptoms that are associated with a cold. Using hot water and allowing the lemon to steep in the water, similar to a tea, is an effective way to reduce the symptoms that are associated with a sore throat.

Alternatively, lemons can be used to fight congestion that accompanies a cold and sore throat, when the lemon is combined with hot water to create a steam and the individual uses a towel or small device to breathe in the lemon steam from the concoction. This can be an effective way to reduce the buildup within the chest, as well as reducing the buildup within the nose that can lead to congestion.

Are you suffering from a headache? There have been many medical interventions that can be taken to treat the headache that has developed, but an interesting and natural treatment that has been used for headaches is to combine caffeine and the high level of antioxidants that are found in lemon juice. Although in most cases, caffeine can cause a headache to worsen in the case that the coffee is combined with lemon juice, it allows an individual to experience a reprieve from the pain associated with a headache.

Caffeine is able to stimulate the brain and the lemon is able to reduce the symptoms that are associated with the headache and therefore can reduce the symptoms that are associated with the headache and eradiate the pain that is felt. The coffee should be consumed hot, or warm and now allowed cooling before the individual drinks it.

Clariy Hair
Many people take advantage of conditioners that are created with lemon, or even to brighten dull hair, using concentrated lemon juice. This is applied to the hair and left for a period of fifteen minutes, at which point the solution is removed from the hair. Once the solution has been removed from the hair, the individual can experience healthier looking hair with natural highlights that have been made to shine from the lemon which was used to condition the hair. -->

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